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June 12 – 13, 2020

30+ Practices, Talks,
Meditations, and Live Music

We are witnessing an unprecedented time: a global health and economic crisis with wide ripples of impact and a social movement revealing deep systemic racial injustice.


You may feel deeply empathetic, disconnected, overwhelmed, paralyzed, or even inspired in this brave new world.


Let’s be honest though. The Western yoga culture is certainly a solace for healing and empowerment, and from a compassionate place of self-reflection, you might also see the challenges and the disparity that we must identify and address.


The timeless teachings of Bhakti yoga remind us to stay in devotion and the teachings of Karma yoga empowers yoga in action. Hanuman embodies both.


Join this extraordinary confluence of master yoga teachers and consciousness leaders to learn practices and insights into how the technology of yoga can help us explore our shadows, identify external blind spots, and learn how to engage in activism, so we can collectively renew.

We all cope in a unique way to extraordinary life events, and we all have the ability to create positive change for ourselves and our communities, despite the negative experiences.


Discover how you can cultivate an optimistic outlook, accept change as part of life, engage in self-discovery, embody yoga in action, and build connections with others.

This FREE online gathering includes:


  • 20+ classes, interviews, and dharma talks
  • Live Streaming Morning Meditations and Evening Music
  • Daily inspiration to fuel your understanding of the teachings
  • Tools, tips, and techniques to help heal yourself with the technology and wisdom of yoga


Open to all, everywhere


The role of yoga in navigating hardship
The role of Karma yoga and the tools to embody
The power of connecting in community, collectively healing our planet
How yoga supports transformation and renewal

Miraculous change happens when people with common interests work together towards common causes. It is our mission to practice true SEVA, and give to our local and global communities.


We know this global crisis will have a rippling effect and we are honored to support the following organizations during these trying times:

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Seane Corn

Seane Corn is an internationally renowned yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. Featured in commercials, magazines, NPR, and Oprah.com, Seane now utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to global humanitarian issues. Since 2007, she has been training leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®. Seane has spent time in the US, India, Cambodia, Haiti, and Africa working with communities in need- teaching yoga, providing support for child labor and educating people about HIV/AIDS prevention. Her self-authored DVDs are available through Gaiam and Yoga Journal, as well as her most recent groundbreaking 3-DVD set “The Yoga of Awakening” through Sounds True. Her first book, Revolution of the Soul will be published in September 2019. www.seanecorn.com
Photo credit: Norman Seeff.


Gurmukh and Gurushabd are Legacy Teachers of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. They both studied and served directly with Yogi Bhajan from 1970 until he left his body in 2004, directing the Golden Temple Restaurants in Santa Fe and Los Angeles, pioneering his first Yoga Center in Los Angeles in the early ’80s, sitting at his feet for the Teachings for many years in Los Angeles and New Mexico. Gurmukh attended the Khalsa Women’s Training Camps with Yogi Bhajan from 1972 until he left his body. For more than two decades they experienced the White Tantric Yoga Courses and Solstice Gatherings that he presided over in person. In his household and in public they served him directly.  


Their commitment to spread these Teachings has been and continues to be inspired by their Teacher Yogi Bhajan. These Teachings will reverberate on this planet for centuries. Their Mission is to do what he did: foster students to be teachers 10 times better than they are.  


We have been touched, inspired, and uplifted every day by these Teachings. Our lives changed in our first Kundalini Yoga class. From that first class we learned the only way to happiness and fulfillment is through kindness and compassion. We live to encourage others to share their kindness and compassion.  


We humbly bow to any Souls who wish to join in this Journey of Awakening. This is how the Aquarian Age will blossom into the next Great Age of Peace.

Jai Uttal

Jai Uttal is a kirtan artist, multi-instrumentalist, and ecstatic vocalist. He is considered a pioneer in the world music community with his combined influences from India and American rock and jazz. Jai has been leading, teaching, and performing World Music and kirtan—the ancient yoga of chanting or singing to God—around the world for close to 50 years, creating a safe environment for people to open their hearts and voices.  


He grew up in New York City and lived in a home filled with music. Jai began studying classical piano at the age of seven, and later learned to play old-time banjo, harmonica, and guitar. At age 17, he heard Indian music for the first time, and two years later moved to California and studied under the famous sarod player, Ali Akbar Khan. Jai later began taking regular pilgrimages to India, living among the wandering street musicians of Bengal, and singing with the kirtan wallahs in the temple of his guru, Neem Karoli Baba.  


Jai has emerged as a leading influence in the Bhakti tradition. He considers bhakti to be the core of his musical and spiritual life.

Tiffany Cruikshank

Founder of Yoga Medicine, a community of yoga teachers focused on fusing anatomy & western medicine with the traditional practices of yoga to serve the medical communities. With her background in Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, Tiffany has worked with professional athletes & celebrities, run her own clinics and was the Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters for over 6 years.


Tiffany has graced the cover of over 15 magazines and is regularly featured as an expert in many major media outlets including the New York Times, Prevention, WebMD, Forbes, Huffington Post, DrOz, Women’s Health, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Men’s Health, LA Times and many others.


Author of 2 books (Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life & Meditate your Weight), Tiffany has trained thousands of teachers all around the world with YogaMedicine.com and teaches on Glo.com.

Yogrishi Vishvketu

Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) is known for his infectious laughter and stories. His holistic approach brings forward ancient wisdom for a modern age incorporating asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and yogic wisdom in every class. His deepest aim is to inspire people to connect to their true nature, which is fearless, expansive, joyful and playful.


A yogi at heart, Vishva-ji has studied and practiced Yoga in the Himalayas since the age of 8 and holds a PhD in Yoga Philosophy. He offers Yoga Alliance-registered 100-, 200- and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, where he lives half of the year, and teaches at workshops and conferences internationally.

Amy Ippoliti

Amy Ippoliti is known for bringing yoga to modern-day life in a genuine way through her intelligent sequencing, clear instruction, and engaging sense of humor. She shares her passion for yoga, health, earth conservation, and with her writings for Yoga Journal, Organic Life, Prevention, Mantra, Origin, Mind Body Green, prAna Stories, and Elephant Journal. She has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal and Fit Yoga Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, New York Magazine, Allure (Korea), and Newsweek and on the front page of Yahoo.com. A teacher on YogaGlo.com, she is a pioneer of advanced yoga education, cofounding 90 Monkeys, an online school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 65+ countries. She is the co-author of The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga. Learn more at amyippoliti.com

Saul David Raye

Saul David Raye is an acclaimed teacher and spiritual activist known for his unique and transformational approach to yoga, and spirituality. Saul’s teaching draws on 25 years of study and practice in the depth of the Yoga tradition, Bhakti, Tantra and all forms of universal light, love and wisdom. His teaching is authentic and empowering, it comes from the heart, allowing students to connect deeply with their own inner power and light. Saul’s teachings are grounded in a deep love and respect for Mother Earth and the great Spirit that flows through all of life. He is able to bring alive ancient wisdom teachings for modern seekers and still retain the essence of deep yoga and mysticism. He holds certifications in Yoga, bodywork and energy healing, is a practicing minister and sacred musician who infuses his classes with healing music and chants. He has been on the faculty of many conferences and festivals and has been featured in different health publications. Saul shares this work through teacher trainings, workshops, classes, sacred jounrney’s and music. For more information, please visit sauldavidraye.com.

Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL. Sianna touches the human heart through story and offers teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, pilgrimages, and online studies. Her training includes three decades of study with master yoga teachers and scholars in India and abroad, as well as a background in bodywork, anatomy, herbalism, feminine studies, and climate reality training. She is currently dedicated to social justice education and to unpacking her own white privilege. In addition, she is in a two-year mentorship for shadow work and emotional intelligence, along with a mentorship in Race & Resilience. Sianna is committed to being Love In Action here on earth to serve.

Akah Jackson

Akah Jackson’s versatile work displays a true synthesis of his knowledge, his gifts, and his wisdom. His committed path to self-discovery has led him into the divine work of a spiritual counselor, in which he utilizes ancient practices to create purpose-driven lives for his clients.


He is also a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, an Ordained Healing Minister, a 5th generation plant and spirit medicine man, a percussionist, and a conscious father. He and his wife form the high-vibrational musical duo Aykanna, and they travel worldwide with their incredible 6-year old daughter, Sahej. When they’re not on the road, Akah and his family live in beautiful Ojai, California - known to the natives as the “Valley of the Moon.”

Anand Mehrotra

Anand Mehrotra was born and raised in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga. Combining the ancient wisdom of his upbringing with a lighthearted rebelliousness, Anand’s unique brilliance appeals to modern audiences in both the East and West. He is the founder and Master Teacher of Sattva Yoga – a holistic, ever-evolving practice that combines asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya, and wisdom. Sattva Yoga inspires students to experience freedom, radical aliveness, and their most authentic Selves on every level.


Anand currently teaches around the world: giving wisdom talks, offering satsangs and meditations, leading Sattva Yoga journeys, and guiding students through profound transformations in wisdom immersions, retreats, and trainings.


Anand also has a passion for developing sustainable businesses that transform and support the communities in which they participate. This entrepreneurial spirit has led to numerous endeavors, including his creation of the Sattva Centre, the Rishikesh retreat and wellness center where he leads Sattva Yoga teacher trainings and wisdom immersions. He is the founder of the Khushi Foundation, which provides medical, educational, and spiritual support to the children of Rishikesh, and the Sattva Foundation, which benefits the elderly.

Amber Ryan

Amber Ryan is an international movement-meditation teacher. She guides seekers on transformative journeys through movement, music, and breath. Her crystalline delivery helps quiet the mind so the body wisdom can speak, calling forth our innate wholeness, freedom, and sovereignty. With a great love of music, she weaves powerful soundscapes inviting us into refined contact with our emotional intelligence, our conscious awareness, and our inter-connection to the world around us.


Amber is the co-founder of The 360 Emergence along with Kate Shela. She is an accredited 5Rhythms® teacher trained by the late Gabrielle Roth, has taught at Omega Institute, Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, Wanderlust Festival, Lead with Love Conscious Business Summit and many more. www.AmberRyan.com


Aykanna is a husband and wife musical duo known for their soulful, percussion‐driven music and wisdom teachings. Stronger together, Sukhdev, billboard acclaimed musician and Grammy nominated percussionist Akah Jackson share their passions for healing through sound and soul.


The name Aykanna can be literally translated as a link between heaven and earth. Decades of devotion sculpted the sound of Aykanna, blending masculine and feminine: the deep roots of sacred chant traditions with the spirit of shamanic healing practices. Their inspirational, positive messages are reinforced with playful beats and enchanting vocals and reach far beyond the boundaries of Kirtan and new age music genres and into the hearts of all people.


Aykanna shares their music and teach Kundalini Yoga internationally in Central America, Europe, and throughout the US. Walking Sky, Dreaming Earth is their brand new album released April 2019 Akah and Sukhdev live with their amazing 8 year old daughter, Sahej-Rose in Ojai California.


Aykanna site


For more information contact: AYKANNA,

Courtney Love

Courtney Love: physical prowess, rooted mind, free spirit. Navigating a life abundant with adventure, her intuitive compass serves as her most trusted guide. A yoga teacher, cosmic lover, and outdoor enthusiast, Courtney aligns with the concept of leading each of her pursuits with balanced head and heart. She feeds her insatiable appetite for learning and exploring by digging deeply into yogic teachings and philosophy - inviting an open heart, guiding her to dismiss inner doubt, and encouraging herself to push beyond beliefs.


When Courtney isn’t on her mat or cushion, she is found chasing adventures, teaching yoga, giving birth chart readings, and consulting conscious-based companies. She lives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado and is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Hanuman Festival. She encourages everyone to laugh hard and love deeply.

David Newman

David Newman is a renowned sacred mantra artist, singer-songwriter, author, and inspirational teacher. David, also known as Durga Das, has released numerous acclaimed world music albums, including the #1 iTunes World Music bestseller Love is Awake on which he collaborated with members of Paul Simon’s band. In addition to his mastery of the ancient yogic mantra practice known as kirtan, David’s adventurous musicality, and poetic intimacy as a vocalist and songwriter, bring a unique and exhilarating musical experience to his devoted fan base around the world.  


Along with his musical gifts, David is also a celebrated teacher and guide for many on the spiritual path, and is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book The Timebound Traveler. His message of peace and universal love also permeates his charitable endeavors, including The Stay Strong Project, producing music to benefit the environmental and humanitarian efforts of Global Green USA, and his partnership with The Call and Response Foundation, bringing mantra and healing music to institutions such as prisons, psychiatric centers and homeless shelters.  


David continues to express his passion to serve in creative and groundbreaking ways and sees his life’s work simply as… “Spreading the Love!”



Dayna Seraye

Yogini, priestess and transformational facilitator, Dayna is the co-founder and director of Hanuman Academy and Hanuman Adventures. She is devoted to bringing the deeper teachings of yoga to our global community and has led sacred pilgrimages, yoga workshops and trainings, and healing immersions for over 15 years.  


Dayna integrates diverse yoga techniques (asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra) with authentic relating, free movement and more to bring you into a state of embodied connection. Her passion is to support you in transcending your limitations to experience the happiness and fulfillment you desire. She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, teaches online through gaia.com and hanumanacademy.com and has taught at renown yoga festivals throughout the world. Visit her website at daynaseraye.com  


Visit her website at daynaseraye.com


Debra Silverman is part Astrologer, part psychologist, part comedian and ALL REAL. She helps people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in a totally objective way. Debra has been in private practice for over 40 years. She uses astrology and her own system called The 4 Elements (or 4E for short) as tools to help people step into their power. Debra’s mothering approach to understanding and empowering people from all walks of life has earned her international fame and admiration. She has written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and has a YouTube channel with over 7 million views. She is dedicated to creating community and working for the children. Debra believes the future is arriving and none of us can do it alone. She is an expert in embracing the feminine, and her ultimate dream is to revolutionize therapy by teaching therapists how to provide custom treatment to their clients. Debra believes in the power of listening. When we are silent - both with ourselves and each other - the messages that are trying to come through us can be given a voice, and we can all start walking our authentic and powerful path. She splits her time between Kauai and Boulder, Colorado where she enjoys talking to the beautiful flowers, daily swims and spending time with friends and family. Find Debra on YouTube and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


DTO is an award-winning music producer that kicked off his career by remixing a song produced by Grammy-nominated producer, StoneBridge. DTO followed up with Nameless Energy, a yoga soundtrack recognized by Deepak Chopra. DTO has produced a trilogy of albums following the 7 chakras, the 5 koshas, and other yogic themes. These songs have become soundtracks for yoga, dance, meditation, and movement on many playlists in over 80 countries.


DTO is classically trained on the piano and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. This is the key to what empowers his musical expressions; integrating both acoustic + electronic sounds in addition to Eastern + Western instruments. DTO loves to produce, perform, and teach music internationally at music and yoga festivals.  


Follow and share on your favorite music streaming platform: DTO Music.  


Photo credit: Aaron Dressin.

Duan Ruff

Duan has spent his entire professional life serving in education and wellness as a teacher and administrator in the Denver and Fort Collins communities. He grew up in Park Hill Denver and has a dynamic spouse Reneca and 4 extraordinary children. Duan has his Bachelors Degree and MBA and is currently in pursuit of his Education Doctorate. Duan has certifications in Education Leadership and Policy Studies from DU, Creating Inclusive Excellence at CSU, and as a yoga instructor from IM'Unique. He now serves as a Dean of Students and Director of Safety and Security at a private school in Denver.


My first experience with yoga wasn’t an aha moment. I don’t think that I had never been challenged in that way, physically or mentally. Between trying to breathe and putting my body in unfamiliar positions, all in a heated room full of strangers was very uncomfortable. I didn’t think that I would ever return.


Fast forward to a couple of months later. I was bored and I was looking for something, as to what it was, I didn’t know at the time. At the time, I thought teacher training was a way for me to deepen my practice, so I signed up not knowing anything. 14 weeks later, I was a certified instructor. I didn’t have the intention of teaching, but an opportunity knocked and I started teaching at a gym. I did a few more trainings, became a CPT had a few classes at a studio, and that was that for about four years.


A lot of things shifted once I took my 300hr Intensive last summer. I started realizing the lack of support in the yoga community for people like me. From the outside looking in, the yoga community has somewhat has become this exclusive club. Filled with gimmicks to make you appear authentic (expensive drop ins, overpriced yoga clothes, wearing mala beads as a fashion statement, etc.)


Not only was this lack of representation showing up in the physical practice (teachers not asking for permission to touch, not offering modifications, etc.) but the language as well. Life isn’t all glitter and rainbows, but a lot of time is yoga classes you hear along the lines of “manifest your destiny”, “with light and love” or “good vibes only”. Spiritual bypassing. People tend to wash over the fact that real life is messy and that in order to be practicing yoga, most of the work is off the mat. How can I take this feeling of bliss that I feel on my mat and apply it into my everyday world? What happens when I step off my mat? I believe that is when I realized the why behind why I do what I do.


As Maya Angelou once said “develop enough courage to stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else”. And through my teaching, I hope I can at least help people start that journey.


Gurmukh and Gurushabd are Legacy Teachers of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. They both studied and served directly with Yogi Bhajan from 1970 until he left his body in 2004, directing the Golden Temple Restaurants in Santa Fe and Los Angeles, pioneering his first Yoga Center in Los Angeles in the early ’80s, sitting at his feet for the Teachings for many years in Los Angeles and New Mexico. Gurmukh attended the Khalsa Women’s Training Camps with Yogi Bhajan from 1972 until he left his body. For more than two decades they experienced the White Tantric Yoga Courses and Solstice Gatherings that he presided over in person. In his household and in public they served him directly.  


Their commitment to spread these Teachings has been and continues to be inspired by their Teacher Yogi Bhajan. These Teachings will reverberate on this planet for centuries. Their Mission is to do what he did: foster students to be teachers 10 times better than they are.  


We have been touched, inspired, and uplifted every day by these Teachings. Our lives changed in our first Kundalini Yoga class. From that first class we learned the only way to happiness and fulfillment is through kindness and compassion. We live to encourage others to share their kindness and compassion.  


We humbly bow to any Souls who wish to join in this Journey of Awakening. This is how the Aquarian Age will blossom into the next Great Age of Peace.


Hemalayaa is a Transformational Facilitator who empowers with her unique blend of traditional and modern teaching, mentorship and coaching. She provides tools to break down barriers that hold us back from experiencing a powerful spiritual connection.


Hemalayaa is passionate about leading students to their truth as well as inspiring a yogic lifestyle. Her work inspires and motivates thousands globally to live healthy and joyful lives. In her classes, you will experience an inspiring fusion of yoga asanas, powerful breath-work and liberating free-form dance. As well as mantras and positive affirmations that empower the practice, transcend the body and mind, to then enter the blissful stillness of the soul.


Hemalayaa’s magnetic energy leads all into a liberated state of being: balanced in true self-acceptance and a passion for life. She has been featured in numerous publications such as NY Times, Origin, Yoga Journal, LA Times, and Shape, as well as on the talk shows Ellen, Lisa Oz, and The Today Show.



Jeanie Manchester

Jeanie Manchester is the founder of Anjaneya Yoga Shala in Boulder, CO. She is a Master Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor with over 30 years of dedicated practice. Her signature classes are rooted in bhakti chant, storytelling, mantra, mudra, and meditation. As a senior student & Acharya of Neelakantha Meditation she initiates people into this elegant and potent mantra practice. She is also an avid student of the Sri Vidya Goddess tradition of South India, Jeanie’s path of the divine feminine and awakening of kundalini Shakti has given rise to new inspiration in her life and all of those she trains. Her students love her heart based, friendly style of intuitive mentoring and teaching. She is the creator & guide of the Shakti Sisterhood & Shakti Rise Immersion as well as her Goddess Guidance monthly membership. These offerings are dedicated to “Women on the Rise! She supports the householder woman’s spiritual journey both by embracing her shadow and pain as well as moving towards an empowered way of living life. Jeanie offers teacher training, meditation guidance, spiritual & business mentoring, as well as retreats and immersions to wondrous places around the globe. When not on her mat or cushion Jeanie is found hiking or skiing in the beautiful Colorado wilderness that is dear to her heart. She lives in Boulder, Co with her husband, two adult children and dog, Rosie.

Jeffrey Armstrong

Jeffrey Armstrong will challenge your mind and open your heart and show you a vision of a new world that blends modern science with timeless wisdom. Jeffrey’s clear-eyed perspective of the issues facing the world paired with his humor and humanity take audiences on an incredible journey. Award-winning poet and best-selling author of numerous books including: Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World. Featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga, Wings of Yoga, and 2014 Leo Award documentary “Take Back Your Power.”


Jeffrey is a relationship expert, philosopher, practitioner and teacher of the Vedas for over 40 years. Prior to his teaching he had a successful career as an executive in Silicon Valley and spent five years in an ashram as a brahmacharya (monk). He is a sought after guest expert on TV and talk radio. For 15 years, he was a corporate executive in Silicon Valley, and a speaker for Fortune 500 companies and was was written about regularly in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, LA times, San Jose Mercury News, Discover Magazine, CNN, Stern and many others. Learn more: jeffreyarmstrong.com.

Jim Beckwith

With a musical career of over 25 years, Jim Beckwith is a well-versed singer/songwriter in various genres of music, including Folk, World, Electronica, Yoga Music, Ballads and Kirtan, or devotional chant. Beckwith just released his 8th album, a chant and lyrical hybrid named “Be Love" - a collaboration of lush vocals and strings with veteran artist and composer, Hans Christian.


Jim Beckwith is an accomplished musician and songwriter. His love of music and yoga has inspired him to focus on bringing live music to yoga events and festivals around the world. Jim's music is soulful and evocative of healing and inner awakening. He mixes mantra chants and English lyrics with a melodic and accessible tapestry of sound, exotic instrumentation and undulating rhythms. A compelling lyricist with a voice that soars from high to low with the greatest of ease, Jim is a yogi and musician devoted to songs of the heart. Beckwith has played at many festival stages, including Bhakti & Shakti Fest (many times), BaliSpirit Fest, FloydFest, Sedona Yoga Festival, Hanuman Festival (5), St. Petersburg Yoga Fest, Wanderlust (Colorado & Vermont), Yoga Journal Conferences (Miami, NYC, SF, San Diego, Colorado) and Esalen Yoga Festival (5).


The Album Step Right, Shake Left scored a radio hit in Ghana, West Africa with the song, Human Nature, an African-inspired upbeat tune somewhat in the style of Paul Simon's Graceland. That album features an all-star cast of musicians including those that play for Stevie Wonder, Sting and James Taylor.


Jim is inspired by photography and travel to faraway places; his most recent travel adventures include Thailand, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore and Bali. Before settling in southern California three years ago, he has lived in Florida, North Carolina, Nashville and Colorado.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Barahona has been submerged in spirituality, shamanism and healing since the age of 9 when his brother started with epilepsy and he traveled with his family to different healers around the world. This ignited his passion for deepening this sacred arts and led him to certify in different schools of Yoga, Holistic Nutrition, Tantric Philosophy, Energy Medicine, Master Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Therapies and Healing Arts. He has been teaching in different countries and festivals  for more than 15 years and is the co-director of Lamat, School of Yoga, Healing and Conscious Living, where he has been sharing classes, workshops, immersions and trainings for 12 years. He is the director of Yoga Lamat Teacher Trainings 300 and 500 hours and Conscious Living Trainings 200 hours.


Every healing session and class he channels is unique and spontaneous, inspired by the moment and by the energy of the group. He combines the technical details of biomechanics with the subtle, intuitive dimension of alchemical transformation. In this method, the external practice is not a performance but a doorway for creating a  sacred space where anyone can culture their own bliss and inner harmony. His classes are always inspiring,  creative, empowering and full of holistic tools to reach the Natural Joyous State of Being!!

Julie Holly

Julie Holly is dedicated to helping her students find their dharma and then put it into action to become a positive force in the world. Julie came to Yoga after a near death experience, caused by unmanaged stress, and has been certified as a Yoga Instructor since 2010. To deepen her understanding of how the body moves and anatomy, she became certified as a Personal Trainer in 2014 and certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist in 2015. Her continuous yearning for knowledge and her dedication to service also lead her to become certified as a Trauma Informed instructor in 2015 and Certified in Children’s Yoga in 2019.


Julie is a student of the dynamic Yoga Teacher Amy Ippoliti and the legendary Dr. Douglas Brooks. She is also a graduate of the historic Howard University in Washington DC where she currently resides.


In addition to teaching Yoga full-time, Julie is the mom of a rescue dog named Malcolm Huey.


Photo credit: Schaun Champion


Karta Elise is a dancer, educator and facilitator for the Great Turning. Her work is rooted at the intersection of relational and ecological intelligence, and is enacted through embodiment practices within safe social-emotional learning containers — in order to actually rewire behavior change that contributes to meaningful systems change.


As a systems-thinking embodiment coach, she empowers individuals, groups, organizations and communities to develop relational resilience and skillful communication in order to co-create more just, inclusive, dynamic cultures of change agency — for a better world that works for all. You can learn more and get involved with course offerings and coaching for groups and individuals @DralaFly


Identifying as a white, cis-gender woman with more than two decades in both the sustainability and wellness industries, she spent the last ten years as an ever-learning ally and accomplice who is currently engaged in facilitating privilege awareness and ally/accomplice training for fellow white folx. She continues to listen deeply to, and work to elevate and center BIPOC and GLBTQQIA2S voices as THE collaborative leadership needed for the future that wants to emerge.

Kat Tudor

Kat Tudor is the visionary behind SunWater Spa, SunMountain Center, and the Smokebush Foundation for the Arts in Manitou Springs. Her gift is bringing the arts and the healing arts together in inspiring classes, unexpected collaborations, and community projects.  


She has been teaching art, dance and yoga since 1979 in Colorado and around the world. She is grateful to all of her teachers: Saul David Raye for his awakening of Thai and Tantra teachings within her soul; Celina Kaelin for teaching her Native history and Miguel Angel for his teachings in bringing in the light.   


Learn more about Kat and her teachings, art and community at SunWater Spa

Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion

Katie Wise is a Boulder, Colorado conscious music artist fusing the sweetness of devotional mantra with roots Americana.  


Heart-centered yogis who love to rock ‘n’ roll have been flocking to sing along with Katie and her band Bhakti Explosion, in order to get their bodies moving and spirits soaring.   


The band has appeared at the biggest sacred music festivals in the US and internationally, such as Lovelight, Unify, Arise, Hanuman Festival, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Festival of Colors, Stonehenge Music Festival, and Holistic Manchester. Debut album, Lovolution, produced by Grammy-nominee Ben Leinbach and featuring guest vocals by Jai Uttal, has received acclaim in the US (Yoga Journal, Yoga International), UK (Kindred Spirit, Yoga Magazine) and Australia (Soul Traveller Radio, and Australian Yoga Life), and was named “best chant album of the year” by American promoter Lloyde Barde. David Newman calls leader Katie Wise “a solid force and presence for those who look to their music for peace, heart, groove, and spiritual inspiration.”   


Katie Wise + Bhakti Explosion are America’s pioneers of mantra-rock music. Their music has the power to heal and inspire the world.   


More at bhaktiexplosion.com

Kia Miller

Katie Wise is a Boulder, Colorado conscious music artist fusing the sweetness of devotional mantra with roots Americana.  


Heart-centered yogis who love to rock ‘n’ roll have been flocking to sing along with Katie and her band Bhakti Explosion, in order to get their bodies moving and spirits soaring.   


The band has appeared at the biggest sacred music festivals in the US and internationally, such as Lovelight, Unify, Arise, Hanuman Festival, Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Festival of Colors, Stonehenge Music Festival, and Holistic Manchester. Debut album, Lovolution, produced by Grammy-nominee Ben Leinbach and featuring guest vocals by Jai Uttal, has received acclaim in the US (Yoga Journal, Yoga International), UK (Kindred Spirit, Yoga Magazine) and Australia (Soul Traveller Radio, and Australian Yoga Life), and was named “best chant album of the year” by American promoter Lloyde Barde. David Newman calls leader Katie Wise “a solid force and presence for those who look to their music for peace, heart, groove, and spiritual inspiration.”   


Katie Wise + Bhakti Explosion are America’s pioneers of mantra-rock music. Their music has the power to heal and inspire the world.   


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Lyn Ettinger-Harwell

A childhood spent on a farm in northeast Ohio shaped Lyn Ettinger-Harwell’s views on community, food and how shared resources strengthen ties between people and shape the fabric of a society. Forty-plus years spent as a chef in world-class restaurants also includes 30 years in operations and leadership positions with restaurants, nonprofits and large corporations. Lyn’s approach, whether it is in the preparation of a gourmet meal or the myriad details of running an organization, is an holistic one, informed with purpose, passion and attention to detail. This is balanced with a heart for service. 


Throughout his careers, his focus has been on the whole-body connection and how that is nourished not only with pure food, but also through meditation and yoga. While living on an ashram in the early ‘80s, Lyn was able personally to put this into practice and then use it to shape his work philosophy. He always seeks to nurture an organizational culture that also integrates the mind-body connection while creating an environment that encourages job satisfaction and growth for employees and an unforgettable experience for guest

Mary Clare Sweet

intend to bring the light! Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in my veins.


My yoga practice began when I read a yoga book and begged my mom to teach me what she knew! I have been practicing for 20 years and to this day, it is the anchor of my life. I own Lotus House of Yoga, movement studios in Nebraska. The classes I lead are fun, challenging and filled with love. My godfather is ashtanga and my sister is rock and roll. Music is integral to the movement classes I lead. My play-lists are funky and always fresh. In my class you will find the ancient and the modern, a whole lot of soul, and a commitment to the present.

Masood Ali Khan

Masood Ali Khan is a musician of prayer and believer in love for the earth and humanity through his gift offerings of ‘Connection to Creation’. For over 25 years connected to yoga, meditation, and Prana Energy techniques, evolving now into shadow work, earth guardianship, sacred masculine empowerment, and was head of the faculty for M.E.L Universal Energy at the ‘Open International University of Complementary Medicine’ in Colombo, Sri Lanka where he also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Masood one of the pioneers of singing mantras with the hand pan. He has a unique kirtan musical performance of prayer, holding a ceremonial space for a meditative uplifting experience with his mesmerizing combination of the hand pans and sacred mantras infused with the power of the heart and mind’s healing potential to help humanity. Sonically he explores live ‘Music as Medicine’ and releasing 3 acclaimed music albums with a merging of cultures with captivating melodies and mantras to inspire the spiritual healing within the human.   


Currently living in Los Angeles with his beloved, master yoga teacher Sianna Sherman, offering sacred training retreats & pilgrimages ‘Alchemy of Love & Alchemy of Avalon’.  


Free Music download on www.MasoodAliKhan.com  


Photo credit: David Young-Wolff.

Miguel Angel Vergara

Miguel Angel Vergara is a Maya Priest and Master Teacher who lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico. He studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martín for seventeen years and continues to work with the elders and priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom very much alive today.


He teaches us how to connect with the Maya Masters of Light who are still at the sacred sites ready to guide us today as in ancient times. Going to the source of the Maya knowledge – to the ceremonies, mantras, sacred books, temples, stele, pottery, paintings, and oral traditions that are available today – he finds the essence of their knowledge and then teaches it in a heart-centered style that connects rapidly and profoundly with his students.


Miguel Angel humbly and sincerely weaves a path to the pure authentic essence of the Maya cosmology and creates a space with beautiful ceremonies and stories where you can transform yourself and find your true Spiritual Path.


  Miguel Angel guides people to the Maya Sacred Wisdom in sites in all the Maya world and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the Maya Sacred Knowledge throughout the world. He is currently offering online courses on the Maya Sacred book, the Popol Vuh, the Shamanic Practices, Atlantis Memories, Mother Earth and the Maya Legacy. He is also available for personal one-on-one Maya Destiny Birth Chart readings online or in person.


  Website: www.casakin.org

Mikey Pauker

Mikey Pauker (pronounced pow-ker) is a folk/world artist from Berkeley, California. His new album, ASCENSION, is an invitation to listen to the call of our inner wilderness and to greet our darkness with understanding and an open heart. It was recorded in raw, live instrumental sessions — a departure from Mikey’s more electronic past recordings — under the guidance of Grammy-nominated producer Warren Huart (The Fray, Trevor Hall, Matisyahu). With songs like “Say Yes” and “I AM”, listeners are elevated with catchy melodic hooks and reggae/rock beats. The “RISE Vulnerable Rally” music video swept the world touching the hearts of over 1 million viewers this past year.   Growing up in Orange County, Mikey’s early experiences at underground shows exposed him to the intense, primal energy of live music, as well as the strong community bonds that form in an authentic and close-knit scene. Inspired by teachers who blend yoga and mystical practices he went to study in Jerusalem, soaking up the hidden teachings of his ancestral lineage. These spiritual dimensions guided his artistic development as he explored ecstatic music festivals and mystical religious traditions. His music implores us all to look within, sit with our darkness, and transform it into light. Mikey’s sound blends elements of folk, reggae, and hip-hop, incorporating English and Hebrew roots into his devotional songwriting. Mikey’s music draws from influences such as early Bob Marley, Van Morrison, and The Police, and listeners will immediately identify his style to the likes of Michael Franti, Trevor Hall and artists such as Mike Love and Stick Figure.


This past year Mikey has supported Rebelution, Stephen Marley, Toots & The Maytals, Trevor Hall, Trombone Shorty, Clozee, Common Kings, Matisyahu, Dovavon Frankenreiter, Satsang, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Porangui, Mike Love, and Stop Light Observations. Notable performance highlights include Red Rocks, Suwanne Hullaween, Electric Forest, Beloved, Cali World Fest, ARISE, Bhakti Fest, Enchanted Forest, and Chant 4 Change on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Mikey is releasing his new full length album in early 2020!


Stay connected at: Mikey Pauker

Monticue Connally

Monticue Connally is a Colorado Medicine Man/ Herbalist who resonates with the sounds of African Drums, Rhythmic Chanting and Afro-Caribbean Folklore. Herbal Men’s Health, Herbalism Basics, Blessing with Herbs and many other esoteric/ nature related topics are subjects that you can find Monticue providing around town at places like Ruby Hill Tiny Farm and Woodbine Ecology Center. He teaches several classes for the Denver Botanic Gardens Herbal Certification Program and is also co-owner of Jiridon Apothecary, a business specializing in loose leaf herbal tea remedies. He leads community herb walks and offers both herbal and spiritual counseling to the community. He’s a drummer for the annual Kwanzaa celebrations where he is often asked to speak to the children and rap songs about the many wonders of plant medicines. He has also made himself available to come to the homes of Colorado residents with his holy prayers and plants to get rid of negative energy or spiritual entities that make residents feel uncomfortable. Herbs, the outdoors and alternative healing methods have been a lifelong interest for the Denver native who plans to continue to use workshops and music to teach people in urban areas how to access the many esoteric tools within along with the earthly medicines growing around them. He received the Preventative Care Leadership Award from the Be Well Health Initiative in 2019 for being of service to diverse black and brown communities pushing them towards the accessible and immediate plant medicines growing around them.


Learn more: JiridonApothecary.com

Nataraja Kallio

Nataraja Kallio is a professor of Yoga Studies at Naropa University and has been a student of Yoga since 1989. Seven years of study in India provided the initial foundation for his learning. There, he immersed himself in the contemplative traditions of Tantra, Vedanta, Sri Aurobindo, Buddhism, as well as the Hatha Yoga lineages of Krishnamacharya (namely Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga) and Swami Shivananda. He has completed advanced studies with a wide variety of teachers, earning degrees in Religious Studies and Psychology. His teaching integrates the breadth of Yoga, from its meditative foundations, to its rich history, mythology and philosophy.

Nubia Teixeira

Author, yogini, teacher trainer, and Odissi dancer, Nubia Teixeira has devoted herself to teaching different aspects of yoga for almost 30 years. Perceiving yoga as a healing art, Nubia’s refinement and unique style overflows with sacred meaning and heartfelt inspiration. She is the founder of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga and Dance and the author of the book Yoga and The Art of Mudras (Mandala) and of the instructional CD, Pranayama: May Breath Be Our Prayer (Sounds True).

Nubia lead classes, workshops, and teacher-trainings internationally, independently, and in collaboration with her husband, kirtan artist Jai Uttal. They live in Fairfax, California, with their son, Ezra. nubiateixeira.com

Olivia Hsu

Olivia began her relationship with yoga whilst attending law school at the University of New South Wales in Australia. First a climber and then a yogi she began yoga as part of her curiosity with the art of movement. She naturally gravitated to yoga and has been dedicated to practicing ever since. She thus decided to abandon her legal career and dedicate her time to something she believed would benefit society more than another lawyer! Olivia has had an in depth study of the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition having first done a traditional apprenticeship in Australia for several years and then furthered her studies when she moved to Boulder in 2006. In the time that she has been in Boulder she has complete several teacher trainings and advanced trainings with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor and complete a 3rd series teacher training with Tim Miller. She is a yoga and climbing brand Ambassador for Prana, Zeal Optics, Elemental Herbs, Fiveten, Sterling ropes and can be found teaching yoga and climbing all over the world. She can be virtually found on yogaglo.com too!


Olivia's teachings draw from the knowledge of her own experience as a practitioner and teacher making yoga both accessible and non-intimidating to her students. She also has interest in cultivating the mindfulness that flows from a focused and continuous asana practice. Her teaching style comprises of intuitive hands-on adjustments, energetic alignment and bringing an internal awareness to the self. Olivia feels blessed to have had so many wonderful teachers and hope that she too can cultivate that appreciation of yoga with her students and carry on the thread of the Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage.

Ram Dass

Ram Dass first went to India in 1967. He was still Dr. Richard Alpert, a prominent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. He continued his psychedelic research until that fateful Eastern trip in 1967, when he traveled to India. In India, he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately known as Maharajji, who gave Ram Dass his name, which means “servant of God.” Everything changed then – his intense dharmic life started, and he became a pivotal influence on a culture that has reverberated with the words “Be Here Now” ever since. Ram Dass’ spirit has been a guiding light for three generations, carrying along millions on the journey, helping to free them from their bonds as he works through his own.


Since 1968, Ram Dass has pursued a panoramic array of spiritual methods and practices from potent ancient wisdom traditions, including bhakti or devotional yoga focused on the Hindu deity Hanuman; Buddhist meditation in the Theravadin, Mahayana Tibetan, and Zen Buddhist schools, and Sufi and Jewish mystical studies. Perhaps most significantly, his practice of karma yoga or spiritual service has opened up millions of other souls to their deep, yet individuated spiritual practice and path. Ram Dass continues to uphold the boddhisatva ideal for others through his compassionate sharing of true knowledge and vision. His unique skill in getting people to cut through and feel divine love without dogma is still a positive influence on many people from all over the planet.


Ram Dass passed away at his home on Maui on December 22, 2019. Leading up to his passing, he was continuing to teach at his semi-annual retreats with other esteemed Bhakti and Buddhist thought leaders.

Reginald Hubbard

Reggie has held many senior strategic and logistical roles across a variety of fields, ranging from global marketing, digital and community organizing, government relations, international education to Presidential campaigning. He currently serves as a senior political strategist for MoveOn, managing their relationships, impact and communications with Capitol Hill. He received a B.A. in philosophy from Yale University and an MBA in international strategy from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium.


In addition to his political work, Reggie is also a 500 hour certified yoga teacher and authored a thesis entitled, "Yoga and Spiritual Activism: Serving Humanity from a Sense of Devotion and Love." He has studied extensively with leading teachers such as Faith Hunter, Amy Ippolitti, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Sri Dharma Mittra as well as many amazing teachers along the way. Reggie has taught Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, leading progressive organizations and individuals, sharing techniques for growing peace and ease as a foundation, not an afterthought. His teaching practice is designed for all levels and lifestyles, the only thing required is an open mind. The focus of his teaching practice is to bring more peace and balance to activists AND to guide the wellness community toward being more engaged, concerned citizens. Achieving this balance is how we catalyze transformative change.


Connect with Reggie.
Facebook: acebook.com/reggieglobal1
Instagram: @oreggieglobal

Reneca Ruff

Reneca Ruff is an accomplished yoga instructor, holistic nutrition therapist and advocate. She has worked with at-risk teens in group homes to use yoga and meditation as a way to cope and manage the world around them. Reneca was named BeWell’s Community Advocate of the Year in 2019. In addition to her work with youth, she helps to further the mission of Im’Unique to create a culture of health, individual growth and social change. Family drives her passion for wellness and she works with Duan, her husband, to encourage connection and healthy lifestyles for families and couples. Her eclectic education portfolio includes a bachelor's in psychology, 500+ hours certified through yoga alliance, Nutrition Therapist certification and she is working towards a certification in fundraising and development from UC Davis. Reneca currently works as the Director of Development at a local private high school.

Roshi Joan Halifax

Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center, a Buddhist monastery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received her Ph.D in medical anthropology in 1973. She has lectured on the subject of death and dying at many academic institutions, including Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Medical School, Georgetown Medical School, University of Virginia Medical School, Duke University Medical School, University of Connecticut Medical School, among many others. She received a National Science Foundation Fellowship in Visual Anthropology, and was an Honorary Research Fellow in Medical Ethnobotany at Harvard University. From 1972-1975, she worked with psychiatrist Stanislav Grof at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center on pioneering work with dying cancer patients, using LSD as an adjunct to psychotherapy. After the LSD project, she has continued to work with dying people and their families and to teach health care professionals as well as lay individuals on compassionate care of the dying. She is Director of the Project on Being with Dying and Founder of the Upaya Prison Project that develops programs on meditation for prisoners. For the past forty years, she has been active in environmental work. She studied for a decade with Zen Teacher Seung Sahn in the Kwan Um Zen School. She received the Lamp Transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh, and was given Inka by Roshi Bernie Glassman.


A Founding Teacher of the Zen Peacemaker Order and founder of Prajna Mountain Buddhist Order, her work and practice for more than four decades has focused on engaged Buddhism. Her books include: The Human Encounter with Death (with Stanislav Grof); The Fruitful Darkness, A Journey Through Buddhist Practice; Simplicity in the Complex: A Buddhist Life in America; Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Wisdom in the Presence of Death; and, Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet.

Rob Schware

Rob Schware, PhD, heads the Give Back Yoga Foundation and is President Ex-Officio & Advisor for the Yoga Service Council. In late 2006, Rob brought his two decades of management experience with the World Bank to a second career: helping to grow the yoga service movement. He wanted to combine his development and project management expertise in over 30 countries including India, Indonesia, Turkey, Rwanda and Palestine with his passion for yoga, by forming an organization whose mission it is to bring yoga to underserved populations. In 2013, his work of co-founding and furthering the Give Back Yoga Foundation earned him the International Association of Yoga Therapists’ Karma Yoga Award for “extraordinary selfless service in reducing suffering and elevating consciousness through yoga.” And in 2016, he received Yoga Journal’s Good Karma award. He has been married to Alice Trembour for 34 years, which, like yoga, is in and of itself a regular commitment to a practice. They have three children.

R.R. Shakti, PhD

Founding teacher of Inner Power Yoga®, Shakti is a Contemplative Mythologist, Depth Psychologist, ritual facilitator, and writer who presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and radical freedom.

Sadhviji Bhagawati Saraswati

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji, Ph.D was raised in an American family in Hollywood, California and graduated from Stanford University. She was completing her Ph.D. when she left America in 1996 to come and live permanently at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India. She has been living there for the last twenty years, engaged in spiritual practice and dedicated service.


She was officially initiated into the order of Sanyas (monastic renunciation) in the year 2000, by her Guru, His Holiness Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji.


Sadhviji is a renowned speaker who gives keynote addresses at large forums, on a wide variety of topics ranging from conscious business to science and spirituality to sustainable development to the keys of happiness and peace in life to all aspects of yoga. She has also been a speaker at the United Nations, Parliament of World Religions and many international conferences and summits. Her talks blend the knowledge and logic of the West with the insights, spirituality and wisdom of the East, and she is renowned as a spiritual bridge between the two cultures.


At Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, where she lives most of the year, she gives spiritual discourses and daily satsang, teaches meditation, provides counseling and oversees myriad charitable and humanitarian projects and activities. Sadhviji is:


  • Secretary-General of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, an international interfaith organization dedicated to bringing clean water, sanitation & hygiene to the children of the world.
  • President of Divine Shakti Foundation, a foundation dedicated to bringing education and empowerment to women and children which runs free schools, vocational training programs and empowerment programs.
  • Director of the annual world-famous International Yoga Festival at Parmarth which has been covered in Time Magazine, CNN, New York Times, Le Monde and other prestigious publications.


Sadhviji has a Ph.D in Psychology and was the Managing Editor for the monumental project of the 11-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism.



Sreedevi Bringi

Sreedevi Bringi is a native of South India where she received formal training in yoga, meditation, Sanskrit, and Hindu religious and spiritual traditions. As a retired faculty member in Yoga Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Sreedevi offers invited classes and workshops at yoga festivals and yoga centers on topics such as yoga nidra meditation, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Sacred Sanskrit, Goddess traditions of India, Shiva-Shakti Tantra and sacred Indian texts. For the online Hanuman Academy, she has been a co-teacher for the “Five Elements of Yoga” course, and has been a presenter and panelist at Hanuman Festival, Moksha Festival, and the Grand Valley Yoga Festival. With graduate degrees in Chemistry, Atmospheric sciences, and Environmental Education, Sreedevi likes to infuse scientific perspectives into ancient Vedanta-Yoga-Tantra teachings and practices. Her prior teaching careers in Chemistry and Science Education have been at the public school, community college and university levels in Fort Collins, Colorado.


In a newly published textbook entitled, “Beacons of Dharma”, Sreedevi has written an invited chapter about Amma, the charismatic ‘hugging saint’ of India, including the 3 paths of yoga and the shakti principle. A sampling of Sreedevi’s deity mantra audio teachings and on yoga nidra are at her website: shakti-institute.com. Videos of her recent yoga nidra meditations for planetary healing during the corona virus phase are on her FB page. facebook.com/sreedevi.bringi


Talaya Renee Thomas grew up in Boulder, CO practicing yoga as a lifestyle, before yoga was a "thing". Throughout Talaya's youth and as a young adult, she was a celebrated track athlete competing in junior olympics and traveling through the private track circuit. She still holds track records to this date. As a young adult, Talaya moved to Costa Rica where she ran and was a part owner of a top rated Caribbean restaurant. While in Costa Rica she gave birth to her first child. Becoming a mother is one of her most celebrated successes. Shortly after the birth of her first child, Talaya moved to Steamboat Springs, CO to help open and run a sushi restaurant. The restaurant was voted as the best sushi restaurant in Steamboat Springs for five years in a row. At this time, Talaya also discovered her love for the financial world. Without a formal education in finance, Talaya was able to contribute to the growth of Deer Park Rd. Corporation. She was an integral part of the founding success of the company. As a single black mom she was able to put her child through private school, work at a hedge-fund, and was deeply involved in the fitness community in Steamboat Springs, CO. Talaya lead kickboxing, pilates, spin, and personal training sessions. She also continued to run races; however, moving from a sprinter to middle distance. Talaya continued to consistently podium in races she entered.


After the birth of her second child, eleven years after her first, Talaya decided it was time to focus on her family and her lifelong passion for fitness. Talaya found herself going back to her roots, and began her journey of bringing yoga to her community. This led Talaya to co-create the Steamboat Movement Festival. She taught at the Arise Festival, Campout for the Cause, and studios around the world. Talaya created and ran two successful yoga teacher trainings, has managed yoga talent, has a yoga consulting business, is a mentor for yoga teachers, and speaks on podcasts and radio shows. Currently, Talaya is partnering with Souljour to create live stream virtual experiences, bringing together top speakers, yoga teachers, and musicians from around the world. The last event she helped produced had presenters such as Ziggy Marley, and Daze Aghaji (the youngest woman to run for parliament in the UK). The live stream event was viewed over 14,000 times. Talaya's passion for bringing yoga to the world is more than just a passion; it has been a lifelong mission, a calling, and her purpose. Talaya defines success not by the amount of accolades she has, but by how many lives she can inspire, support, and influence to make the world a better place for all.

Tiffany Bush

Creatively weaving her passion for yoga as a steadfast lifestyle choice, Tiffany is a mind-body-soul healer. She radiates a warmhearted, approachable vibe of "I see you, I get you, I feel your pain, and yes, you can heal." Tiffany's inspirational and empowering yoga workshops merge breath work and movement with meditation, journaling, and sound healing music. She facilitates life-changing experiences and she provides the gift of everlasting self-care tools. Tiffany brings passion and authenticity to the mat. Her divine, Goddess-inspired message centers on the mind-body-soul connection.


Tiffany is a Yoga Teacher, Social Worker, Healer, Speaker, Writer, and Workshop Leader based out of Northwest Denver, Colorado. She teaches privately and offers classes online with Gaia.com.



Tommy Rosen

Tommy Rosen is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in recovery and wellness. He holds advanced certifications in both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and has 28 years of continuous recovery from addiction.


Tommy is one of the pioneers in the field of Yoga and Recovery. He is the founder and CEO of Recovery 2.0, where he has created the Recovery 2.0 Global Community, the Recovery 2.0 Online Conference series, the Recovery 2.0 Group Coaching Program and the Recovery 2.0 Coach Training.


  Tommy also leads Recovery 2.0 retreats and workshops internationally and presents regularly at conferences spreading the message of “Don’t just survive, THRIVE.


  Tommy’s Podcast The Recovery 2.0 Power Hour launched in 2016 and reached #1 in the “Self-Help” and “Health” categories and #8 in all of iTunes.


  Tommy’s first book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, was published by Hay House in 2014 to International acclaim and continues to transform the lives of readers across the globe.

Tracy Jennings-Hill

Tracy Jennings-Hill, C-IAYT, ERYT 500, Jyotish Practitioner, Founder/Owner, LiveURYoga, found her yoga practice over 20 years ago, as a way to heal after her husband was killed while on active duty. Her discovery came organically as she was searching for happiness without medications or stimulants. Yoga helped her begin to rebuild her life and as she was retiring from the US Air Force, she continued to practice. In addition to healing from her loss, she struggled with sciatica, refusing to take medications so as a way to help maintain a healthy and balanced mental and physical lifestyle she continued dabbling in different disciplines of yoga, discovering the Vinyasa style, finding her yoga home. As she grew to understand the value of the mind/body connection, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fitness professional but more importantly a yoga teacher, embodying all aspects of both professions.


Subsequently, she attended her first yoga teacher training in April 2001 and became a Teacher trainer for YogaFit in 2007. Since then not only has she become a 500 ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), but she has also completed her requirements as a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), awarded in October 2017. Tracy is the Ayurvedic program manager and one of the Faculty Mentors for the Yoga Therapy program for YogaFit where she leads over 20 yoga teacher trainings annually. Additionally, she is a certified CHEK Institute Holistic LifeCoach (Level 1) and had been a group fitness instructor for over 19 years, with a flourishing career, where she has focused on indoor cycling, muscle strength/ endurance training, with yoga being her love…it made her continue to go deeper in her practice. So on September 1st 2017, she left her corporate position as a Studio Manager, with Lifetime Athletic, to open LiveURYoga! In addition to her experience teaching Yoga and Ayurveda, she has completed her initial Jyotish Practitioner Training (300 HR) in June of 2019. This addition moves her expertise and understanding of these foundational aspects of both sciences to the next level as a teacher ,practitioner, facilitator and mentor. As a facilitator, she works with surviving spouses of active duty military members, teaching them the yogic life skills such as meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and healing movement, that changed her life forever.


As she has grown, LiveURYoga was born and has continued to organically grow. Her focus, vision and mission is about providing a platform for transformation, empowerment, and growth meeting each person where they are but more importantly giving them the tools to flourish. Using the basic principles of yoga entwining mind, body and spirit. This practice includes pranayama, kriya, meditation, movement, connected with the elements incorporating basic Ayurvedic principles to lead everyone to their bliss state, which is a place of true balance.


Finally, her teaching, practice, and mentoring have transformed, do to her extensive travels to Rishikesh, India, the birth place of Yoga. She has had the pleasure of being the guide for groups since November of 2007 and has consistently studied there on an annual basis since then. Thus, bringing this authentic aspect to her teachings with a modern day understanding and realistic approach to bringing these ancient teachings alive to be used in our daily lives.

Tyrone Beverly

Tyrone Beverly is a thought provoking yoga teacher, writer, film maker, and the creator of the Poetic Flow. Tyrone is known for dismantling barriers and providing access to yoga and wellness opportunities that initiate social change. His practice has led him to co-facilitate with New York Time’s best selling author, David Brooks, for Yo Yo Ma’s Day of Action tour. Mr. Beverly is the recipient of Yoga Journal’s Good Karma award and is an inspirational change agent for creating a culture of health and individual growth.

Michelle Johnson

Michelle C. Johnson is an author, yoga teacher, social justice activist, licensed clinical social worker and Dismantling Racism trainer. She approaches her life and work from a place of empowerment, embodiment, and integration. With a deep understanding of trauma and the impact that it has on the mind, body, spirit and heart, much of her work focuses on helping people better understand how power and privilege operate in their life. She explores how privilege, power and oppression affects the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy body.

Wah Khalsa

Wah Khalsa was born into the Kundalini Yoga lineage. She is the daughter of renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher Gurmukh Khalsa. Wah graduated from her community’s spiritual boarding school in India at the age of 18 as a certified yoga teacher.


  With Wah you will experience a deep authenticity and realness.


  She offers her true self, and that is what comes through in her teachings – an approachable and modern yogi who tastefully brings fun and funk into a deeply-rooted spiritual practice.


You can find Wah teaching weekly classes in Portland or catch her on one of her soulful treks around the world.

Yashoda Devi Ma

Yashoda Devi Ma is the founder of, The Subtle Mind, meditation studio in downtown Boulder, Co. She is an expert in the field of meditation and transcendence. She teaches Vedic Meditation + Sattva Yoga (Himalayan Tantric Practices). Yashoda’s primary focus is mind health through an established practice of vedic meditation while layering in additional practices with mantra, pranayama, kriya, basic vedic astrology + asana to heal, activate and bring an individual into a balanced state of wholeness. Her motto is, “Calm the mind and anything is possible”.

Yoshi Aono

Yoshi Aono is in service as a heart-centered entrepreneur, humanitarian and musician. Based in Colorado, USA, he is CEO of the SunWellness companies: (SunWater Spa and SunMountain Retreat Center) and the Founder/Managing Director of the Hanuman companies: (Festival, Academy and Adventures).


His mission is to bring high-level passion, presence and consciousness into the global business and entrepreneurial world. SunWellness represents the creative sanctuary for wellness and healing through art, retreat center and mineral spring spa experiences. The Hanuman companies are committed to the deeper layers of spiritual practice through safe and sacred, live experiences and online education.


Yoshi’s humanitarian work spans over a decade and has led him to Africa, Haiti, Cambodia, Thailand, Peru, India, Bali and Louisiana. He has coordinated and led tent city aid distribution projects along with leading teams into disaster zones. Yoshi’s spiritual, business and artistic experience allows clarity to be held close to the heart when working in the depths of the third world.


He is also a lifelong student of the guitar.
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