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Yoga & Collective Resilience

Together We are Stronger Than Ever

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Your ticket purchase helps fund the continuation of Hanuman Festival, plus half of the proceeds will be donated to I’mUnique, a Denver non-profit dedicated to creating a culture of health, individual growth, and social change in and for the black community. Please note: you will receive an email on MONDAY, JUNE 15, with an access code for the Bonus content.

Includes ALL of the Summit content AND BONUS, never-seen content from master teachers:

  • Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati
  • Ram Dass & Roshi Joan Halifax (interview from 2014 on Social Activism)
  • Jeffrey Armstrong
  • Sianna Sherman
  • Michelle C. Johnson
  • Nubia Teixeira
  • Rob Schware
  • Mary Clare Sweet
  • Sreedevi Bringi
  • Debra Silverman
  • Kat Tudor
  • Lyn Ettinger-Harwell
  • Yashoda Devi Ma

Collective Resiliency: Changing the Narrative

With Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati

In this dharma talk, Sadhvi-ji examines how our inner dialogue of dis-ease impacts the collective, and invites us to explore a new collective narrative of Karuna – compassion – for ourselves, each other, and our world. She teaches us that our resiliency is built in our spiritual practices, that we are are being called upon from isolation to oneness, to declare stress is not the new normal, and our dharma – our purpose – is to rise together, connected and in love with our Self, the Divine, and nature.

Social Activism and Meditation

With Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax

In this conversation, Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax discuss if social activist and meditators can be one and the same. Through references to yoga texts, they examine how we can train the heart and mind to be open and move into contest of conflict without creating more conflict. Ram Dass closes with a meditation. Filmed in 2014.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

With Jeffrey Armstrong

In this discussion, Jeffrey shares insights and secrets from the epic stories of the Vedas. Through metaphor, he helps us see how tales from The Ramayana manifest today, and illustrates how Hanuman is the ultimate do-er, act-er, an idealist who shows us how to engage when we witness inequality or injustice.

Stories to Remember and Reimagine Our World

With Sianna Sherman

In this talk, Sianna Sherman shares ancient stories and modern wisdom as an invitation to help us remember who we are, remember how we are all deeply interconnected, and inspires us to reimagine our lives and reclaim the sacred.

We are Living the Bhagavad Gita

Yashoda Devi Ma

Through the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Yashoda calls upon us as individuals who have been complacent or silent and invites us to take action. Yashoda shares examples of how we can invite more inclusivity in the wellness industry, collaborate together, and use our privilege to help empower others. She explains we are like Arjuna: warriors of wisdom and designed to transcend our limited thinking.

Devotional Yoga for Mother Shakti

With Nubia Teixeira

Through this empowering and heart opening yoga dance sequence, you will learn hand gestures, mudras, and simple movements to channel the power of Durga. Nubia teaches you to channel her energy and force, to invoke the goddess power and and presence into your heart and body.

Service is the Greatest Reward in Life

With Rob Schware

In this conversation, Rob Schware shares his reflections of how to live vertically during a state of (global) decomposition, how we can support the new heroes emerging, and how being in service feeds the seeds within us and is the greatest reward in life.

Yoga: Divinity and Action

Michelle C. Johnson

In this class, Michelle guides you through a meditation, asana, pranayama, and culminates in deep savasana. She explores themes from the Bhagavad Gita, and how we can live into our dharma, how we respond to the current cultural context, and what is being called for in the present moment. She also examines divinity: how to remember our embodied divinity and see divinity in others.

Tools to Fly in the Sky of Love

With Mary Clare Sweet

The average person becomes locked into limitations because of stagnant energy in the body. Yogis get to reorganize the body to get energy moving! Learn 5 plus 1 bonus tool to get your MIND into the sky of love. When the body and breath are ready but the mind is lagging behind, these tools will shift you to exactly where you want to be.

Crisis & The Elements

With Debra Silverman

How do you stay resilient when crisis shows up at your house? Understanding the 4 Elements (Water, Air, Earth and Fire) will help you identify your emotional style and personality type, and in this talk, Debra will share how to find your center, to maximize your true self while in the midst of stressful situations.

Tesla Tava Maya Yoga

With Kat Tudor

“If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, vibration.” ~Nikola Tesla. At the foot of Tava (Sun Mountain) feel how the earth is alive with electrical vibration. Practice the yoga of light inspired by the messages of the Maya, the Lakota & Tesla.

In the Kitchen with Chef Lyn: Summer Calabacitas and Massaged Kale Salad

With Lyn Hartwell-Ettinger

Summer is the time of the year that zucchini starts showing up on your doorstep! Your friends and family have a garden, and their squash and zucchini plants are prolific! Step into your kitchen with Chef Lyn and learn how to make sumptuous summer calabacitas alongside a massaged kale salad! Yum!

Root Chakra-based Yoga Nidra

With Sreedevi Bringi

Theme of mulādhāra chakra- earth element. Invokingstability , structure , support , potency. Power of mantra assacred sound with 4 tones. –vaṁ,śaṁ, ṣaṁ, saṁ. Sacredgeometry (yantra)- Red triangle , golden circle and square. Four crimson red petals.

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